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Upside: The Business Growth Podcast

Nov 29, 2018

Raméz A. Baassiri is first a student of the world and considers himself a global citizen.


Through his experience working for over the past 2 decades in his multigenerational Family buisness AHB Group Investments , on his local board of his YPO chapter ;  as well as serving on several other privately and publicly traded companies. He has gathered some unique insights on interruptions in business and shares those insights in his groundbreaking / amazon best selling Forbes Books release Interrupted Entrepreneurship - Embracing change in the family business, where he provides powerful insights that provide perspectives to manage a range of interruptions in family business.


Through strategies that work, to stories that relate, Raméz gets to the core of the elements that matter to individuals and by extension their businesses. His positive approach is a voice that stands out in a sea of interruptions over time and  provides a beacon of hope for family business across lands.


He ventured  to write his Book , after the unexpected passing for his father , who was the entrepreneurial force of their family business .


Ramez’s goal is  to seek answers to what else might he face going forward by learning from  others interruptions and how they might have dealt with such changes across other family businesses ..  


He notes that the experience was very enlightening , where he found a number of common lessons on his journey researching the book .. forming a tapestry of images that he is hear  to share some of it with us ...